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Death By Dissonance | Dead Wrong | UNREDD

Datum: Fr 13.07.2018
Uhrzeit: Einlass 19:00 Uhr
Death by Dissonance

Death by Dissonance is a metal band from Ludwigsburg, Germany.
Founded in 2013, it soon developed from six guys jamming in their rehearsal space, to ripping the stages of the local clubs apart.
Though heavily influenced by death- and black-metal, the band simply plays the music they want to hear, mostly ignoring the concept of genres and sub-genres.
Blending already established, heavy elements with their own tastes and flavors, Death by Dissonance create a unique sound, that could be described as dirty, raw and blunt.
In their lyrics, they write about daily crisis with society and always being under pressure to perform in it. They also voice criticism about capitalism, nationalism, sexism and other discriminating ideologies and social conditions.


Dead Wrong

Dead Wrong

Dead Wrong/ Hardcore/ from South Germany.



UNREDD is a brute as well as emotionally charged modern metal band, which sound is influenced by various current genres of metal.


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