PopNet Europe c/o
Popbüro Region Stuttgart

Naststraße 11a
70376 Stuttgart

PopNet Europe is a network of institutions which promotes pop music in Europe. The network has the aim to improve the European collaboration in the field of pop music promotion in the long run. This implies, among other things, the improvement of communication and the exchange of information, regular meetings and maintenance of specialists exchange as well as a lasting development of funding structures.

The network believes that the promotion of pop music should be realised in social fields like education, youth culture, culture and music management, which are addressed equally. Only for pragmatical reasons, PopNet Europe starts with the fields of youth, education and culture. 2007, the official kick-off was a first specialists meeting in Stuttgart. 70 European specialists from youth and culture work got together and worked out the basis for a network as well as the approach to the subject and to the tasks. First priority was to have the information available for everybody. This should be achieved by creating the communication platform

Furthermore, the platform wants to present the actors in the field of pop music promotion, so that the search for potential project cooperation partners can be simplified. With the help of the website,
it is possible to provide tools and an overlook of the existent projects to the users.

If you would like to join the network and present your institution and projects on the website, please click on the category
Application. The page will be maintained by the Popbüro Region Stuttgart until further notice. If you should wish to provide online information or to contact the Popbüro Region Stuttgart, please send an e-mail to
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